What can Graduating Nurses Expect while Starting off their Professional Journey?

Every year, brand-new nurses enter medical circles across the world – donning scrubs, clipboards, nursing shoes that help them be on their feet longer, and a heart full of excited trepidation. For most nurses, their first year is the most exciting – and terrifying in their whole profession.

Gone are the days of simulation labs and clinicals; now real lives are in their hands. This often overwhelms and alarms newly registered nurses, many of whom may choose to abandon this line of work because of an inability to cope or balance real-world risks and pressures.  

That’s why this article will detail the most prominent challenges that graduating nurses will encounter when they start their first job. Study these possibilities, so that you know what’s coming when stepping out of your classes and into your workplace.

1. Physical Strain

2. A High Learning Curve

3. Orientation on Protocol

4. Workplace Bias

5. Team Dynamics

6. Patients’ (and their Families’) Expectations

7. A Massive Workload

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Our mailing address is:

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